Glossary (Version 8.4)

A custom-made tool or piece of equipment used to control a positioning and or motion of another tool to go into a work piece. Jigs are used when manufacturing products to ensure accuracy, alignment, repeatability and interchangeability. Some jigs are also called templates or guides. Examples are machining jigs, woodworking jigs such as a dowelling jig, jewellers’ jigs and welders’ jigs.

diagram of a jig

Methods of bringing together and permanently holding materials or components, for example, using joints such as a dowel joint to join legs and rails for a table frame; fasteners such as nails, rivets, bolts and screws; glues or adhesives; welding; sewing and binding; rubbing in or mixing food ingredients. Also see components.

examples of processes to join metal

example of processes to join fabric

examples of processes to join timber