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Australian Curriculum work samples

Student work samples in portfolio form that demonstrate student learning in relation to the achievement standard. Compare a range of assessment tasks illustrating satisfactory, above satisfactory and below satisfactory student achievement.  

Curriculum connections resources

The Curriculum connections resources allow educators to draw connections across the dimensions of the Australian Curriculum on various conceptual themes. Explore content by subject including Digital Technologies.

STEM Connections resources

ACARA’s STEM Connections project aimed at investigating a cross-disciplinary approach to the teaching of STEM disciplines. In collaboration with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, ACARA supported 13 schools from around the country to develop an integrated STEM project that had its basis in the real world and incorporated the Australian Curriculum learning areas of Mathematics, Science and Technologies.

Australian Computing Academy

The University of Sydney leads the Australian Computing Academy to provide practical support for understanding and implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Australian Data Science Education Institute (ADSEI)

ADSEI aims to support teachers to use Data Science to create genuine learning opportunities within their own disciplines. ADSEI resources can students with the opportunity to learn about real issues within their communities and create solutions whilst engaging with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

CSER Digital Technologies Education

The University of Adelaide leads the CSER Digital Technologies MOOCs (massive open online courses). These are free online professional learning courses designed to support Australian teachers with implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies F–10.

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Resource lending library lesson plans and exemplars

CSIRO Digital Careers

Digital Technologies Hub

A website for school leaders, teachers, students and parents with a wide range of resources and opportunities related to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

  • Unpack the Digital Technologies curriculum
  • Learn the difference between ICT and Digital Technologies
  • Lesson ideas linked to the curriculum
  • Strategies and advice from Australian primary and secondary schools
  • Professional learning opportunities
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Office of the eSafety Commissioner website – education resources

Online safety resources and training for teachers, schools and communities.

Queensland STEM Education Network

The Queensland STEM Education Network is a consortium of Queensland universities providing a range of high-quality programs and initiatives designed to build STEM capacity for educators. These resources focus on careers that involve Digital Technologies.


Scootle is a national digital learning repository which provides Australian teachers with access to more than 20,000 digital learning items, provided by a wide array of contributors and aligned to core areas of the Australian Curriculum. Search by Australian Curriculum subject Digital Technologies or by Australian Curriculum code to find related teaching resources.

The GiST (Girls in STEM Toolkit)

The GiST provides resources to inspire and inform girls, schools and families in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Explore activities, resources, case studies, lessons, study pathways and careers.

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