Glossary (Version 8.4)

A free software program that allows a user to document, analyse and annotate multimedia recordings of sign language, spoken language and gesture.

A person in the Deaf community afforded leadership or mentorship status by the community. Elders are typically deaf people who have been custodians of the Deaf community’s traditions, language and cultural values and are widely considered role models and respected mentors by many members of the Deaf community. They include pioneers of advocacy, education and community development, and those who have contributed to the leadership, advancement and achievement of the Deaf community.

Showing or constructing the action, thoughts or language of a referent using the whole body or part of the body. Enactments are context-dependent for meaning.

See Depicting signs.

The study of the origins of words or signs: that is, where they came from historically.

A social philosophy advocating improvement of the human population through genetic intervention, either by discouraging the reproduction of those with perceived less desirable traits, for example by sterilization, genetic selection, or in extreme cases by killing those with the trait, or by encouraging the reproduction of those with perceived desirable traits. At various times and places in history Deaf people have been subject to eugenic beliefs and practices.

The direction in which a signer is looking, which can have conventional associated meanings in Auslan, such as marking a shift into character in Constructed Action.