Glossary (Version 8.4)

A person who understands their rights and responsibilities at a global level; that is, one’s identity transcends geography or political borders, and rights and responsibilities are derived from being human. However, these rights and responsibilities do not have legal authority or sanctions of those conferred by a nation.

A process and rules by which decisions are made and implemented within entities such as national and state governments, corporations and other organisations.

A representative of a monarch at the federal level in Australia. The Governor-General exercises most of the monarch’s powers in relation to Australia at the federal level, while state governors exercise those powers with respect to the Australian states. Other powers are conferred upon the Governor-General by the Constitution and statutes. In exercising his or her powers, the Governor-General is bound by convention to act on an advice of his or her responsible ministers, except in relation to matters such as appointment and dismissal of the Prime Minister.