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Health and Physical Education

Foundation Year

Above satisfactory

Verbal response: Body responses to physical activity

Summary of task

During the term, discussions occurred around how the body responds to physical activity. As part of their learning, students used stethoscopes and apps to monitor heart rates.

Students were asked to provide a response to teacher-generated questions to demonstrate their understanding of how the body reacts to movement and physical activity.

The task was undertaken individually after students had been actively moving.

This assessment task relates to the focus area: health benefits of physical activity.

Achievement standard

By the end of Foundation Year, students recognise how they are growing and changing. They identify and describe the different emotions people experience. They identify actions that help them be healthy, safe and physically active. They identify different settings where they can be active and demonstrate how to move and play safely. They describe how their body responds to movement.

Students use personal and social skills when working with others in a range of activities. They demonstrate, with guidance, practices and protective behaviours to keep themselves safe and healthy in different activities. They perform fundamental movement skills and solve movement challenges.

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