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Humanities and Social Sciences

Year 2

Above satisfactory

HASS - Above satisfactory - Year 2

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can describe in detail a person, site and/or event of significance in the local community (WS1) and explain, using examples, why places are important to people (WS1). The student identifies how and why the lives of people have changed over time while others have remained the same (WS4, WS6). The student recognises that the world is divided into geographic divisions and that places can be described at different scales (WS2)The student describes in detail how people in different places are connected to each other and identifies a variety of factors that influence these connections (WS5). The student recognises that places have different meaning for different people (WS1, WS3) and why the significant features of places should be preserved (WS1). 

The student poses questions about the past and familiar and unfamiliar objects and places (WS1). The student locates information from observations and from sources provided (WS3). The student compares objects from the past (WS4, WS6) and presents and interprets information and data to identify a point of view and draw conclusions (WS4, WS6). The student sequences familiar objects and events in order (WS4, WS6) and sorts and accurately records data in tables, plans and on labelled maps (WS2, WS3). The student reflects on learning to suggest ways to care for places and sites of significance (WS1). The student develops narratives about the past (WS1) and communicates findings in a range of texts using precise language to describe direction, location and the passing of time (WS1, WS2, WS5, WS6). 

Work samples

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