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Civics and Citizenship

Year 10


Civics and Citizenship – Satisfactory – Year 10

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can compare and evaluate the key features and values of systems of government (WS2), and analyse the Australian Government’s global roles and responsibilities. The student analyses the role of the High Court (WS2) and describes how Australia’s international legal obligations influence law and government policy (WS1). They describe a range of factors that sustain democratic societies (WS1, WS2).

The student can present a range of questions to investigate Australia’s political and legal systems (WS1, WS2) and critically analyse information gathered from different sources for relevance, reliability and omission. They account for and evaluate different interpretations and points of view on civics and citizenship issues. When planning for action, the student takes account of multiple perspectives and ambiguities, uses democratic processes, and negotiates solutions to an issue. They present evidence-based information (WS1) incorporating different points of view on civics and citizenship issues. They use appropriate texts, and subject-specific language and concepts (WS1, WS2). They describe ways to be an active and informed citizen in different contexts (WS1).

Work samples

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