Mathematics proficiencies Illustrations of practice

Hale School


The Hale School took an initiative to assist students to develop strategies to ingrain ways of thinking mathematically into their learning. They took on a focus of problem-based learning and realised, with the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, that the proficiencies would enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics at the school.

A small team scrutinised the characteristics of the proficiencies and developed resources to address each, especially problem-solving and reasoning. This changed the way teachers prepared for their lessons so that teachers took on the role of facilitator, mentor and encourager.

Students were exposed to open-ended tasks and were more engaged in their learning. They could work independently or as a group and developed the metalanguage to communicate with their peers. Students became comfortable with the concept of making a mistake, reflecting on how the mistake happened, learning from the experience and moving on.

School sector: Independent

School type: Boys

Year range: 1–12

Location: Metropolitan

Total enrolments: 1495

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