Mathematics proficiencies

Understanding / Fluency / Problem-Solving / Reasoning

Year 10

Statistics and probability: Baffling box plots

Summary of task

From a given set of information about two footballers, students were asked to determine which footballer was more worthy of a reward. Students had to provide justification for their decision.


At this year level understanding includes applying the four operations to algebraic fractions, finding unknowns in formulas after substitution, making the connection between equations of relations and their graphs, comparing simple and compound interest in financial contexts and determining probabilities of two- and three-step experiments.

At this year level fluency includes factorising and expanding algebraic expressions, using a range of strategies to solve equations and using calculations to investigate the shape of data sets.

At this year level problem-solving includes calculating the surface area and volume of a diverse range of prisms to solve practical problems, finding unknown lengths and angles using applications of trigonometry, using algebraic and graphical techniques to find solutions to simultaneous equations and inequalities and investigating independence of events.

At this year level reasoning includes formulating geometric proofs involving congruence and similarity, interpreting and evaluating media statements and interpreting and comparing data sets.