Glossary (Version 8.4)

a set of activities with an intended set of outcomes, from which it is hoped that an individual will derive personal satisfaction; it is not necessarily tied to paid employment and can encompass other meaningful and satisfying activities through which an individual’s career develops, such as parenting or volunteering

the work environment including the policies, protocols and accepted practice of a particular workplace. It includes the way people interact with others in the workplace, go about their work and the practices they undertake in this environment.

legislation (2011) that covers the physiological and psychological wellbeing of people engaged in work and employment; employers and employees have a common law duty to take reasonable care to guard everyone’s health and safety in the workplace

the broad knowledge, skills and attributes required to gain work and become an effective participant in work including the skills related to career development and managing transitions

learning that predominantly provides the key work-related knowledge, skills and competencies needed to participate effectively in the world of work