Glossary (Version 8.4)

In each arts subject, form is the whole of an artwork created by the elements and the way they are structured:

In Dance, form is the shape or structure of a dance according to a preconceived plan. For example, AB, ABA, rondo, narrative, chance.

In Drama, form is the way drama is structured. Drama forms are shaped by the application of the elements of drama within particular social, cultural and historical contexts.

In Music, form is the sections within a piece of music, for example, binary form (AB) contains section A, then section B; ternary form (ABA) contains section A, section B, then return to section A; rondo form (ABACA) contains section A, section B, section C, then return to section A.

In Visual Arts, two-dimensional form (see 2D), three-dimensional form (see 3D) and four-dimensional form (see 4D).