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Health and Physical Education

Years 7 and 8

Below satisfactory

Written response: Personal safety

Summary of task

The class explored different scenarios where personal safety may be at risk and investigated a range of strategies that could be implemented to minimise risk to personal safety, remove themselves from unsafe situations and report inappropriate behaviour.

The students were asked to complete a worksheet in class at the end of the unit of work to ascertain their level of understanding of the situations and strategies for reducing risk and promoting personal safety.

This work was undertaken within the context of mandated child safety curriculum and school processes. The teacher took care to ensure students understood the importance of reporting any inappropriate behaviour to trusted adults until someone listens.

This assessment task relates to the focus area: safety.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students evaluate strategies and resources to manage changes and transitions and investigate their impact on identities. Students evaluate the impact on wellbeing of relationships and valuing diversity. They analyse factors that influence emotional responses. They investigate strategies and practices that enhance their own, others’ and community health, safety and wellbeing. They investigate and apply movement concepts and select strategies to achieve movement and fitness outcomes. They examine the cultural and historical significance of physical activities and examine how connecting to the environment can enhance health and wellbeing.

Students apply personal and social skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships and promote safety, fair play and inclusivity. They demonstrate skills to make informed decisions, and propose and implement actions that promote their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing. Students demonstrate control and accuracy when performing specialised movement sequences and skills. They apply movement concepts and refine strategies to suit different movement situations. They apply the elements of movement to compose and perform movement sequences.

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