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Health and Physical Education

Years 1 and 2

Above satisfactory

Written instructions: Environmental games

Summary of task

As part of a History unit, ‘Children 100 years ago’, students learnt that there was limited money and toys for children in Australia.

Students were asked to create or adapt a game, using only natural resources. Students used a template to help develop and explain their game. This included information about rules, play areas, how to stay safe and how to access or make equipment using natural materials.

In the following lesson, students trialled and tested their games with their peers. Game modifications and instructions were edited verbally and recorded by older students.

This assessment task relates to the focus area: active play and minor games.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 2, students describe changes that occur as they grow older. They recognise how strengths and achievements contribute to identities. They identify how emotional responses impact on others’ feelings. They examine messages related to health decisions and describe how to keep themselves and others healthy, safe and physically active. They identify areas where they can be active and how the body reacts to different physical activities.

Students demonstrate positive ways to interact with others. They select and apply strategies to keep themselves healthy and safe and are able to ask for help with tasks or problems. They demonstrate fundamental movement skills in a variety of movement sequences and situations and test alternatives to solve movement challenges. They perform movement sequences that incorporate the elements of movement.

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