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Year 7

Above satisfactory

Source analysis: Ötzi, the iceman

Summary of task

Students were presented with a selection of unseen primary and secondary sources associated with the discovery of the body of Ötzi, the iceman, in 1991. They were asked to answer a series of questions about each of these sources and then propose an explanation for Ötzi’s death over 4000 years ago. The task was completed in class in one 50-minute lesson.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 7, students suggest reasons for change and continuity over time. They describe the effects of change on societies, individuals and groups. They describe events and developments from the perspective of different people who lived at the time. Students explain the role of groups and the significance of particular individuals in society. They identify past events and developments that have been interpreted in different ways.

Students sequence events and developments within a chronological framework, using dating conventions to represent and measure time. When researching, students develop questions to frame a historical inquiry. They identify and select a range of sources and locate, compare and use information to answer inquiry questions. They examine sources to explain points of view. When interpreting sources, they identify their origin and purpose. Students develop texts, particularly descriptions and explanations. In developing these texts and organising and presenting their findings, they use historical terms and concepts, incorporate relevant sources, and acknowledge their sources of information.

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