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Year 8

Above satisfactory

Social media: Aztecs and Incas

Summary of task

Students were asked to create a series of social media posts regarding an aspect of the Spanish conquest of the Americas. They were required to choose an appropriate platform incorporating text and images and were provided with teacher-created templates and scaffolds. The task took place at the end of the unit of work and allowed students to focus upon an area of interest, either Aztec or Inca. The students’ work was posted and shared on the school’s secure intranet. The task was completed in class and at home over a two-week period.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students recognise and explain patterns of change and continuity over time. They explain the causes and effects of events and developments. They identify the motives and actions of people at the time. Students explain the significance of individuals and groups and how they were influenced by the beliefs and values of their society. They describe different interpretations of the past.

Students sequence events and developments within a chronological framework with reference to periods of time. When researching, students develop questions to frame a historical inquiry. They analyse, select and organise information from primary and secondary sources and use it as evidence to answer inquiry questions. Students identify and explain different points of view in sources. When interpreting sources, they identify their origin and purpose, and distinguish between fact and opinion. Students develop texts, particularly descriptions and explanations, incorporating analysis. In developing these texts, and organising and presenting their findings, they use historical terms and concepts, evidence identified in sources, and acknowledge their sources of information.

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