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Civics and Citizenship

Year 8

Above satisfactory

How citizens can change laws

Summary of task

This task had two parts. First, students wrote a letter to their local member of parliament asking for improved access to the internet for all members of a remote Australian community. Second, assuming this request was successful, students wrote a short newspaper article reporting on the student’s action and resultant changes in legislation. The task was completed at the end of a term in which students had investigated the ways in which Australian citizens can engage with their local, state/territory and federal representatives and had completed a scripted role-play of parliamentary legislative processes.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students analyse features of Australian democracy, and explain features of Australia’s democracy that enable active participation. They recognise different types of law in Australia and explain how laws are made. They identify the diverse belief systems in Australia and analyse issues about national identity and the factors that contribute to people’s sense of belonging.

When researching, students develop a range of questions to investigate Australia’s political and legal systems and critically analyse information gathered from different sources for relevance. They explain different points of view on civics and citizenship issues. When planning for action, students take into account multiple perspectives, use democratic processes, and develop solutions to an issue. Students develop and present reasoned arguments on civics and citizenship issues using appropriate texts, subject-specific language and concepts. They identify ways they can be active and informed citizens in different contexts.

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