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The Arts: Visual Arts

Years 7 and 8

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Exploring Islamic art

Summary of task

Students explored the fundamental principles of Islamic art (geometry, calligraphy and arabesque). They researched and analysed traditional Islamic artwork and architecture, and explored the use of geometric shapes to create patterns using traditional and digital methods.

They photographed patterns in their own environments and digitally manipulated them to create geometric artwork inspired by their research. They were also required to express their lives and personalities through symbolism contained in their original photographs.

Students kept a visual diary and submitted a summary of their annotations to the teacher after the exhibition of their work.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students identify and analyse how other artists use visual conventions and viewpoints to communicate ideas and apply this knowledge in their art making. They explain how an artwork is displayed to enhance its meaning. They evaluate how they and others are influenced by artworks from different cultures, times and places.

Students plan their art making in response to exploration of techniques and processes used in their own and others’ artworks. They demonstrate use of visual conventions, techniques and processes to communicate meaning in their artworks.

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