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Health and Physical Education

Years 3 and 4


Demonstration, verbal and written response: Striking and fielding (T-Ball)

Summary of task

Students suggested what they wanted to learn about striking and fielding, which was recorded on camera for the teacher to use to develop lessons. Students became more familiar with the games sense approach using questioning and direct instruction to promote tactical understanding. Students used soft foam balls to assist with fielding and catching.

Students were asked to demonstrate and explain: 

  • batting technique
  • placement of the hit
  • positioning of body when fielding or catching a ball
  • how to move a ball accurately over short and long distances
  • what good batters and fielders are trying to do. 

To maximise participation and opportunities to practise, four small diamonds were set up.

These assessment tasks relate to the focus area: games and sports.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 4, students recognise strategies for managing change. They identify influences that strengthen identities. They investigate how emotional responses vary and understand how to interact positively with others in a variety of situations. Students interpret health messages and discuss the influences on healthy and safe choices. They understand the benefits of being healthy and physically active. They describe the connections they have to their community and identify local resources to support their health, wellbeing, safety and physical activity.

Students apply strategies for working cooperatively and apply rules fairly. They use decision-making and problem-solving skills to select and demonstrate strategies that help them stay safe, healthy and active. They refine fundamental movement skills and apply movement concepts and strategies in a variety of physical activities and to solve movement challenges. They create and perform movement sequences using fundamental movement skills and the elements of movement.

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