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Economics and Business

Year 8

Above satisfactory

Consumer dispute

Summary of task

Students wrote a script for a segment in a consumer information television show. They outlined a dispute between a consumer and a business, and they explained how and why the issue was resolved. This task was completed as a homework task.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students explain how markets operate and recognise why governments may influence the market’s operation. They explain the rights and responsibilities of consumers and businesses in terms of financial and economic decision-making. They explain why different types of businesses exist and describe the different ways businesses can respond to opportunities in the market. Students describe influences on the way people work and factors that may affect work in the future. 

When researching, students develop questions and gather relevant data and information from different sources to investigate an economic or business issue. They interpret data to identify trends and relationships. They propose a range of alternative responses to an issue and evaluate the costs and benefits of each alternative. They apply economics and business knowledge, skills and concepts to familiar and unfamiliar problems. Students develop and present evidence-based conclusions using appropriate texts, subject-specific language and concepts. They identify the effects of an economic or business decision and the potential consequences of alternative actions. 

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