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The Arts: Music

Foundation to Year 2


Composition: Walking to School

Summary of task

Students sang a known nursery rhyme, Three Blind Mice in unison. They then collaboratively composed a song using the first three notes of Three Blind Mice, experimenting with inverting the melody and adding other notes by step.

Students devised their own lyrics on the theme of “Walking to school” and perform from a class musical score of lyrics and melody letters.

The task involved students experimenting with elements of music by improvising patterns, phrases and melodies for their composition.

The task involved students playing the single line melody on classroom instruments and singing in unison.

Students also played a two note ostinato and sang the melody with this ostinato.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 2, students communicate about the music they listen to, make and perform and where and why people make music.

Students improvise, compose, arrange and perform music. They demonstrate aural skills by staying in tune and keeping in time when they sing and play.

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