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The Arts: Music

Foundation to Year 2

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Composition: Penguins

Summary of task

Students learning in music builds upon learning from the previous band. Students perform from a musical score that they have graphically notated and composed collaboratively with the ensemble. The task involved students playing instruments and improvising music, using elements of music including rhythm, pitch, dynamics and form in a range of pieces, including in music from the local community. Students listened to Penguin Circus by Nigel Westlake and responded to the different sections of the music with storytelling to identify how the character of the penguin was reflected in the music. They later discussed how the music helped them demonstrate rhythm through movement. They explored the movement and behaviours of penguins evident in their coastal community. Students learned to play Rocking Dog by Jon Madin on classroom instruments. They listened to other music that communicated the behaviour of animals, as stimulus material to further explore rhythm through body movement and use of non-tuned and tuned percussion instruments. Students composed and performed their own music inspired by penguins modelled on the form and style in Rocking Dog.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 4, students describe and discuss similarities and differences between music they listen to, compose and perform. They discuss how they and others use the elements of music in performance and composition.

Students collaborate to improvise, compose and arrange sound, silence, tempo and volume in music that communicates ideas. They demonstrate aural skills by singing and playing instruments with accurate pitch, rhythm and expression.

By the end of Year 4, students describe and discuss similarities and differences between artworks they make and those to which they respond. They discuss how they and others organise the elements and processes in artworks.

Students collaborate to plan and make artworks that communicate ideas.

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