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The Arts: Dance

Foundation to Year 2

Below satisfactory

Class performance: Under the sea 

Summary of task

During the course of a term, students participated in an annual musical theatre production as an integrated unit that developed their skills across Dance, Drama and Music. The theme was ‘under the sea’ and the Year 2 students collaborated with Year 6 students to learn the choreography that was developed or created for them by their teacher. There was an emphasis on safe dance practices, the use of space, and locomotor and non-locomotor skills. The students shared their performances with each other and an audience of their parents/caregivers and the community. They were interviewed in a small focus group after their performance.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 2, students describe the effect of the elements in dance they make, perform and view and where and why people dance.

Students use the elements of dance to make and perform dance sequences that demonstrate fundamental movement skills to represent ideas. Students demonstrate safe practice.

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