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The Arts: Drama

Foundation to Year 2

Below satisfactory

Class performance: Saving the turtles

Summary of task

Students studied the Great Barrier Reef in an integrated unit that involved English, Science and The Arts. They developed their understanding of sustainability and conservation in relation to the reef by artistically exploring the narrative of the stimulus text Jimmie Jean & the Turtles by Christina Dwyer and illustrated by Margaret Power. This involved process drama to explore the different types of people involved with the reef, and their lives. The performance included reading and reciting a prepared script, as well as structured improvisation in character. The student was interviewed in a small focus group after their performance.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 2, students describe what happens in drama they make, perform and view. They identify some elements in drama and describe where and why there is drama.

Students make and present drama using the elements of role, situation and focus in dramatic play and improvisation.

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