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Economics and Business

Year 7

Above satisfactory


Summary of task

Students produced a print advertisement for a fictitious product: a self-sharpening pencil. They were required to consider ways of engaging with their target market and to include key pieces of information required by the consumer. The task was completed as a homework task.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 7, students describe the interdependence of consumers and producers in the market. They explain the importance of short- and long-term planning to individual and business success and identify different strategies that may be used. They describe the characteristics of successful businesses and explain how entrepreneurial capabilities contribute to this success. Students identify the reasons individuals choose to work and describe the various sources of income that exist. 

When researching, students develop questions and gather data and information from different sources to investigate an economic or business issue. They interpret data to identify trends. They propose alternative responses to an issue and assess the costs and benefits of each alternative. They apply economics and business knowledge, skills and concepts to familiar problems. Students develop and present conclusions using appropriate texts, terms and concepts. They identify the effects of their decisions and the possible effects of alternative actions. 

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