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The Arts: Drama

Years 5 and 6

Above satisfactory

The Arts: Drama - Above satisfactory - Years 5 and 6

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows a student can perform in a student work and reflect on their performance. The student can play both a narrator and a character role. They are able to manipulate the elements of space and tension to create an engaging performance contributes to the performance with choices in movement, especially synchronicity (WS1). The student performs a sustained researched interpretation of an older man with high status from the goldfields (WS2).

The students demonstrate that they are able to identify how their choices created meaning in the performance (WS1). The student shows awareness of another performance they have seen and how that contributed to the theatricality of their own piece. The student is able to recount and describe the use of a range of decisions employed to reflect a character from the past (WS2).

Work samples

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