Work samples

Languages: Spanish

Years 7 and 8 (F-10 sequence)


Languages: Spanish - Satisfactory - Years 7 and 8 (F-10 sequence)

Portfolio summary

This sample of student work shows that the student can use written and spoken Spanish for classroom interactions, to carry out transactions and to exchange views and experiences (WS1). The student uses rehearsed and spontaneous language (WS1) to give and follow instructions and engage in discussions (WS1), such as expressing or rejecting points of view (WS1). The student applies appropriate pronunciation and rhythm in spoken Spanish to a range of sentence and uses interrogative and imperative moods. The student locates, summarises and analyses information and ideas on topics of interest from a range of texts, and communicates information, different perspectives and their own opinions (WS1). The student uses descriptive vocabulary, numbers and adverbs to extend and elaborate (WS1). The student uses cohesive devices and prepositions to create cohesion (WS1).

Work samples