Work samples

Languages: Korean

Years 9 and 10 (F-10 sequence)


Languages: Korean - Satisfactory - Years 9 and 10 (F-10 sequence)

Portfolio summary

This sample of student work shows that the student uses written and spoken Korean to communicate with teachers, peers and others in a range of settings and for a range of purposes.  The student initiates, sustains and extends spoken and written exchanges in interactions and transactions by asking and responding to open-ended questions, eliciting opinions, requesting elaboration and providing their own opinions and information when requested. The student uses non-verbal communication strategies such as facial expressions, gestures, pausing or pitching, and gives verbal feedback expressing empathy, down-toning, acknowledging or expressing indirect disagreement using reflective language. 

The student considers options, using a range of suffixes and complex/idiomatic structures indicating the future in verb phrases. The student makes decisions comparing options using ...보다  ... and providing reasons for decisions. The student locates and evaluates information from a range of sources, and analyses, interprets and integrates information from diverse perspectives. The student creates informative and imaginative texts, using a range of case markers, including honorific forms, particles and verb phrases in complex structures and describing two related ideas or events in different relationships by connecting two clauses in a sentence. The student uses a range of abstract words, selecting vocabulary suitable for the target audience, purpose and context. The student maintains the cohesiveness of the text by keeping consistency in terms of speech level and style and honorific elements, and by using cohesive devices such as conjunctors, conjunctive adverbs and ellipsis. The students adjusts pitch and speed, choice of vocabulary and level of politeness for context.

Work samples