Work samples

Languages: German

Years 9 and 10 (F-10 sequence)


Languages: German - Satisfactory - Years 9 and 10 (F-10 sequence)

Portfolio summary

This sample shows that the student can use written German to suit particular setting and purpose (WS1). The student uses language in the classroom environment to assist others and debate a course of action (WS1). The student states facts and relates experiences, using Perfektand Imperfekt, of regular and irregular verbs (WS1).  

The student locates, synthesises and evaluates information on local and global issues from a range of perspectives and sources (WS1). The student presents ideas, information and views in a text selected to suit audience, purpose and context (WS1). When creating informative, persuasive texts, the student uses a variety of conjunctions, relative clauses and other cohesive devices to build cohesion (WS1). The student specifies and describes people, places and objects by applying knowledge of the case system to articles, common demonstratives and possessives followed by adjectives (WS1). 

Work samples