Work samples

Languages: German

Years 7 and 8 (F-10 sequence)


Languages: German - Satisfactory - Years 7 and 8 (F-10 sequence)

Portfolio summary

This sample shows that the student can use written and spoken German to interact with teachers, peers and others (WS1) to make decisions, solve problems and negotiate transactions; and to exchange and justify ideas, opinions and views (WS1). The student uses language to express, compare and justify opinions (WS1). The student applies rules of pronunciation, rhythm, stress and intonation to a range of sentence types and words, including loan words from English (WS1). 

The student obtains, summarises and evaluates information from a range of sources (WS1). The student expresses opinions (WS1) and plans, drafts and presents original informative texts, following models to link and sequence events and ideas using both adverbs and common subordinating conjunctions (WS1). The student refers to place using definite and indefinite articles and personal pronouns (WS1). The student produces original present tense sentences and uses a range of everyday and topic-based prepositions, adverbs and adverbial phrases (WS1).  

The student interprets and/or translates terms associated with their own culture (WS1). The student creates a bilingual resource for the wider community and to assist their own and others’ language learning (WS1). The student identifies and applies the German case system (WS1) and gives examples of language use according to audience, context and purpose (WS1).  

Work samples