Work samples

Languages: French

Years 9 and 10 (F-10 sequence)


Languages: French - Satisfactory - Years 9 and 10 (F-10 sequence)

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student uses written and spoken French to communicate with teachers, peers and others in a range of settings and for a range of purposes (WS1). The student uses language to access and exchange information on a broad range of social, cultural and youth-related issues (WS1). The student socialises, expresses feelings and opinions, and uses expressive and descriptive language to participate in different modes of imaginative and creative expression (WS1). The student produces informative, persuasive and imaginative texts, incorporating relative clauses and adverbial phrases, using some specialised vocabulary and cohesive devices (WS1).

The student explains differences between spoken and written French, and identifies the contribution of non-verbal elements of spoken communication and the crafted nature of written text (for example, grammatical elaboration, cohesion). The student provides examples of the blurring of these differences in modes of communication such as text messages, emails or conversation transcripts. The student describes how languages change, borrow from, build upon and blend with each other (WS1). The student demonstrates understanding of the power of language to shape relationships, to include and exclude. The student uses appropriate terminology to explain some irregularities of grammatical patterns and rules (WS1), and textual conventions associated with familiar genres such as invitations, apologies or music reviews. The student reflects on own cultural perspectives and discusses how these are impacted by French language and culture learning.

Work samples