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Languages: French

Years 7 and 8 (Year 7 entry)


Languages: French - Satisfactory - Years 7 and 8 (Year 7 entry)

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student interacts with peers, teachers and online French-speaking contacts, to exchange information, opinions, experiences, thoughts and feelings about self (WS7), family (WS3, WS4, WS9, WS10) and friends (WS2, WS5). The student initiates and sustains conversation by using active-listening skills and responding to others’ contributions (WS10). The student responds to familiar questions and directions (WS10) and requests help or clarification. The student approximates French sound patterns, intonation and rhythms (WS10). The student uses the present tense and present + infinitive form to make statements (WS5, WS8) and ask questions about self, peers, family and interests (WS2, WS3, WS4, WS7, WS9, WS10). The student locates information from a range of texts and uses non-verbal, visual and contextual cues to help make meaning (WS1, WS6). The student describes familiar objects (WS6), contexts and experiences (WS7, WS9), using appropriate subject-verb and noun-adjective gender and number agreements and vocabulary (WS2) to describe appearance, character (WS3, WS4, WS5, WS9, WS10) and quantity (WS7). The student uses modelled sentence structures, formulaic expressions and high-frequency vocabulary to create texts (WS2, WS3, WS5, WS7, WS9, WS10). The student uses conjunctions and connectives (WS5), and prepositions of place and time (WS7, WS9) to build cohesion and extend sentence structure (WS2, WS3, WS5, WS7, WS9). The student translates short texts (WS8) and explains French gestures and expressions (WS1, WS6). The student provides examples of how languages do not always translate directly (WS2, WS4, WS5, WS8, WS9), and how interpreting and translating involve meaning (WS1, WS6, WS8). The student adjusts language use to suit contexts and situations (WS9, WS10).

The student identifies English words used in French (WS6). The student knows that French has its own rules for pronunciation, grammar (WS1, WS2, WS3, WS4, WS7, WS10) and non-verbal communication and that it is necessary to adjust language to suit different situations (WS8, WS9).

Work samples