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Languages: French

Foundation to Year 2


Languages: French - Satisfactory - Foundation to Year 2

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student interacts with teachers and peers (WS5) through action-related talk and play (WS3, WS4). The student exchanges greetings and responds to question cues with single words or set phrases (WS3, WS2). The student chooses between options (WS4) when responding to questions. The student makes meaning using visual, non-verbal and contextual cues such as intonation, gestures and facial expressions (WS1). The student mimics French pronunciation, approximating vowel sounds and consonant combinations with some accuracy (WS1, WS3, WS4). The student identifies key words in spoken texts (WS3, WS4), such as names of people (WS1, WS2), places or objects (WS4). The student uses modelled examples and formulaic language (WS4) to convey factual information at word and simple sentence level (WS1, WS2), such as making statements about self (WS3), peers (WS5) and home environment, the weather or date. The student writes simple texts such as lists, labels, captions and descriptions (WS1, WS2, WS3, WS5). The student uses some pronouns (WS5), prepositions and simple present tense (WS2) forms of regular verbs (WS3, WS5).

The student identifies ways in which spoken French sounds different to English (WS1, WS2) and knows that it uses the same alphabet when written (WS1, WS2). The student identifies words that are written the same in both languages but pronounced differently (WS1). The student knows that French is the language used in France (WS3) and also in many other regions of the world. The student identifies differences and similarities between own and others' languages (WS3) and cultures.

Work samples