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Health and Physical Education

Years 7 and 8

Above satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Above satisfactory - Years 7 and 8

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can describe a range of physical, social and moral changes that occur during puberty and identify how and why relationships change during this time (WS3). They provide detailed advice about managing changing social relationships (WS3) and reflect on their own experiences of change (WS11). The student describes the characteristics of relationships, evaluates emotional responses to conflict and change, and proposes strategies for communicating effectively about and managing conflict (WS10, WS 11). They identify factors that shape identity and reflect on the importance of empathic responses, consider issues from the perspective of others and offer a range of strategies and solutions (WS11). The student describes a range of factors that influence emotions, suggests appropriate resources for seeking help and provides an evaluation of personal qualities, skills and external factors that impact on friendships (WS9). They describe in detail cues to indicate that a situation is unsafe and develop and clearly justify a range of appropriate rules to minimise harm (WS1).

The student compares specific elements of different food models and explains in detail why food guidelines, exercise and sleep are needed to support health (WS2). They describe the nutritional value of a variety of foods (WS2) and make decisions about appropriate food for bushwalking (WS12). They identify food groups and justify their inclusion in their own food model (WS2). They explain appropriate actions to care for themselves, others and the environment and describe minimal impact strategies to protect the environment for future generations (WS12). The student suggests a variety of actions to promote their own and others’ safety in the outdoors as well as promote enjoyment, connection and wellbeing, and describes practical strategies to prepare for participation in outdoor activities (WS12). They accurately identify the different components of fitness and apply knowledge of fitness and interprets data to identify activities they can undertake to improve these components.(WS6). The student describes and applies specific movement concepts to perform specialised skills with control and accuracy (WS4, WS5, WS7) and identifies how skills from one sport can be used in another (WS4). They are also able to identify specific aspects of their performance that have improved or need refinement (WS5, WS7). The student consistently performs movements in unison with others and in time to music (WS8). They can design a dance sequence that includes a variety of creative movements and use of patterns and space (WS8).

Work samples

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