Portfolio summary

In this portfolio, students show that they can design questions for investigation using appropriate inquiry skills. They systematically record and tabulate data, analyse trends in collected data and summarise findings of a survey. Students draw conclusions from their results and discuss potential consequences of them.

Students use effective project planning techniques for a designed solution. They outline a research plan, design criteria and success criteria. Students explain the need for a designed solution, using photographic evidence and survey results. They demonstrate research into a range of options and provide a number of preliminary sketches before deciding on the solution. They are able to justify their designed solution. Students prepare an implementation plan. They make effective use of technologies.

Students use scale and scale factor to calculate area. They plan, budget and cost an event and use efficient strategies to calculate profit and loss. They cost the design choice and justify the cost.

This portfolio has its basis in Technologies with Mathematics and Science playing secondary roles.

Work samples

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