General capabilities and career education Illustrations of practice

Career education: developing general capabilities across the curriculum

This illustration of practice describes how Kings Meadows High School incorporates the Tasmanian Department of Education My Education initiative to provide career education programs for students in Years 7 to 10.  Each term, two My Education days are dedicated to student activities which are designed to develop general capabilities and increase awareness about career opportunities. In addition, Years 9 and 10 students access work-related experiences in the community through links with business and industry.

My Education is a partnership among the student, parent and carer, the school and the community, which aims to engage with business and industry in Tasmania by linking school education to a student’s future employment options.  

Kings Meadows High School is located in Kings Meadows, a suburb of south Launceston. The school serves the Kings Meadows, Youngtown and Northern Midlands areas and caters for 550 students from Years 7 to 11.

Kings Meadows High School is committed to empowering students to be aspirational, lifelong learners who are courageous, resilient, and positive contributors to the local and global community. School-wide expectations are embodied in ‘ROCKS’ – Respect, Organisation, Commitment to learning, Keeping safe, and Sensible behaviour.

The Kings Meadows High School My Education days are designed to develop students’ understanding of career opportunities available to them. Students identify their personal strengths and aspirations and use this knowledge to make decisions about their future learning, work and life opportunities.

The school builds connections among higher education, the community and industry to offer real-world experiences as part of a planned approach to career education.

Kings Meadows High School uses the general capabilities in the Australian Curriculum to link career education across learning areas. The school provides opportunities for all students in Years 7 to 10 to develop the knowledge and skills they need to make effective decisions and prepare for life beyond school.

Through engaging with the My Education initiative students are provided opportunities to develop general capabilities such as critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding, intercultural understanding, personal and social capability and ICT capability.

General capabilities

In the illustration of practice:

Describe how the school uses the Australian Curriculum learning areas and general capabilities to develop a career education program.

Identify the school's approaches to the key objectives of Future Ready: A student focused National Career Education Strategy.

How does the school identify and engage with a range of stakeholders in the development of their career education program?


In your school context:

Identify how a school-based career education program would benefit your students.

What aspects of the Australian Curriculum could be included in your school-based career education program?

What elements of the Future Ready: A student focused National Career Education Strategy would you include when developing your school-based career education program?

How would you identify and include appropriate community stakeholders when developing a school-based career education program?



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