St James Catholic College

St James Catholic College is a K–10 school located about 50 kilometres from Hobart, Tasmania, and has about 300 students. Peter Lelong is the curriculum officer who works directly with the school to support the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum. Teachers at the school have selected two project focus areas: developing teacher capacity and enhancing food and fibre production through implementation of Digital Technologies. The videos showcase how the College has been implementing the curriculum.

The school’s first progress report introduces its research question and project aims.

The school reports on its implementation of the project so far. They discuss their planning and some of their highlights, including the progress of teachers and staff and the eagerness of their students.

The school’s third progress report continues explaining the teachers’ journey in implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. Also included is the schools project proposal, professional learning ecosystem, timeline and teacher reflection podcast.

                                    Project proposal                                     PL ecosystem                                                   Timeline                                                                  Podcast



The school’s final progress report captures progress on the research question and the school’s implementation plan. Also included is the school’s final report outlining sustainable implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

                          Final report


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