Other professional learning

The following PowerPoint tutorial and literature reviews are self-paced learning for educators. We recommend viewing the PowerPoint to understand how to write a literature review and then reading the literature reviews on Digital Technologies to gain a deeper understanding of aspects of the curriculum.

PowerPoint tutorial

Literature reviews

Asunda review: STEM integration

Booth Sweeney review: Systems literacy

Curzon & Bell et al. review: Computational thinking

Easterbrook review: Systems thinking and Computational thinking

Kelley & Knowles review: STEM integration

Kim review: Systems thinking


Lockwood & Mooney review: Computational thinking

Miller & Boix-Mansilla review: Thinking across perspectives and disciplines

Rosicka review: STEM practices in primary schools

Volmert et al. review: STEM learning

Voskoglou & Buckley review: Problem solving and computational thinking