Online safety: Years 3 and 4

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Within Years 3 and 4, students develop an increasing awareness about digital systems and how they can be used in home, school and community environments. They collect, manipulate and interpret data to develop an understanding of the characteristics of data in their everyday lives.

When sharing ideas and communicating in online environments, students build their understanding about why it is important to consider the feelings of their audiences, why safe practices should be in place, and how to demonstrate respectful behaviour using social protocols agreed by the class. They begin to use their knowledge of behavioural and technical strategies to limit the impact on privacy and protect data, systems and themselves against compromise.

In Years 3 and 4, students explore personal and social factors that support and contribute to their identities, and different emotional responses in varying situations. Students continue to build their circle of friends and explore how to maintain respectful relationships. To enhance their own health and wellbeing, students learn about how to make safe decisions and interpret messages from different sources.

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