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Digital Technologies

The Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies can provide students with practical opportunities to develop design thinking skills. When working with and building digital systems, the design thinking process places the user and their safety at the forefront of the design. The subject helps students to become innovative creators of digital solutions, effective users of digital systems, and critical consumers of information conveyed by digital systems. Digital Technologies delivers authentic learning challenges that foster curiosity, confidence, persistence, innovation, creativity, respect and cooperation. These qualities, supported by appropriate online behaviour, enrich the development of information systems to make sense of complex ideas and relationships.

Digital Technologies requires the communication and the collaboration of local, regional and global citizens who are capable of actively and ethically communicating and collaborating.  Online safety awareness assists students to identify risks, social contexts and legal responsibilities when engaging online. At the same time, Safety by Design principles place the safety and rights of users at the centre of the design, development and deployment of digital technologies. Authentic consultation, typically in groups throughout the design process, encourages students to build empathy, develop respectful relationships and conflict management skills, and ensure that digital solutions are appropriate. The Digital Technologies curriculum is designed for students from Foundation to Year 8. This subject is offered as an elective to students In Years 9 and 10.

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