Respect matters: Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

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Education about how and why Respect Mattes offers opportunities to include a focus on Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia.  For example:

Understanding and respecting ourselves and one another

Through HPE students can explore and appreciate the diverse cultures, traditions and belief systems of the Asia region. In HASS students can investigate the diversity of cultures, values, beliefs, histories and environments that exists between and within the countries of the Asia region, and how this diversity influences the way people interact with each other, and the social, political and cultural systems of the region. Students can also develop an understanding of the experiences of the people of Asian heritage who are now Australian citizens.

Developing effective relationship skills

Through HPE students can develop communication and interpersonal skills that reflect cultural understanding, empathy and respect. Similarly, in English students can develop communication skills that reflect cultural awareness and intercultural understanding of peoples of Asia and of Asian heritage.

Identifying and evaluating options

Through HPE students can examine the mind-body-spirit connection across the cultures of the Asia region through wellness practices.

Taking respectful action

In HPE students can engage with the diverse cultures, traditions and belief systems of the Asia region. Through the Technologies curriculum, students can explore Australia’s rich and ongoing engagement with the peoples and countries of Asia to create appropriate and respectful products and services that enhance personal, community, national, regional and global relationships and reflect intercultural, creative and critical thinking.

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