Food and fibre: Years 5 and 6

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In Years 5 and 6, students develop their ability to pose questions and solve problems, make informed decisions and act responsibly. Curriculum continues to draw on students’ growing experience of community and the wider world to develop their understanding of the world, its systems, and students’ relationship to other people, places and systems, past and present.

Through the food and fibre connection, students may critically examine technologies that are used regularly in the home and in local, national, regional or global communities, with consideration of society, ethics and social and environmental sustainability factors. They may consider why and for whom technologies were developed, including those involved in the production of food and fibre.

By the end of Year 6, students will have had the opportunity to create designed solutions at least once in Design and Technologies for the food and fibre production and food specialisations technologies context. Students identify, plan and maintain safety standards and practices when making designed solutions, such as when investigating how to manage water when growing food.

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