Food and fibre: Foundation to Year 2

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Students bring to school a wide range of experiences, abilities, needs and interests. They have a natural curiosity about their world and, in particular, nature. Students may learn about the diversity of people involved in food and fibre production, for example farmers, scientists, truck drivers and shearers.

In Foundation – Year 2, students explore and investigate food and fibre products including their purpose and how they meet personal and social needs within local settings. Students develop an understanding of how food and fibre are produced (planting, growing, harvesting and processing from paddock to plate). They may investigate how resources are used and conserved in food and fibre production processes including explaining the importance of water in the environment.

By the end of Year 2, students will have had the opportunity to create designed solutions at least once in Design and Technologies for the food and fibre production and food specialisations technologies context. Students identify safety issues and learn to follow simple safety rules when producing designed solutions, such as when growing plants and working in a kitchen garden to produce food for healthy eating.

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