Consumer and financial literacy: Work Studies

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Work Studies

The Australian Curriculum: Work Studies has a unique role in developing consumer and financial literacy in young people. Work Studies prepares students with the self-knowledge, contemporary work skills and entrepreneurial behaviours that will enable them to participate in the rapidly changing world of work. Work Studies supports the development of the dimensions of consumer and financial literacy as shown in the diagram below.

Approximate proportion of the dimensions addressed in Work Studies

Through Work Studies, students develop an understanding of self and a realistic appreciation of their individual interests, values, preferences and strengths. They learn to understand the meaning of work, their rights and responsibilities as workers, employer expectations, how and why work is changing and what it means for their future. Students learn to appreciate the importance of education, training and lifelong learning and the global context impacting on work and work opportunities.

Work Studies also supports students to develop the competencies and skills required to effectively participate in work. Students engage with the career management processes needed to adapt to multiple transitions in work and life, and use opportunities to transfer their developing knowledge, understanding and skills to a range of work-related contexts and projects, including the appropriate use of workplace communication.

These skills provide a solid foundation for students to develop enterprising skills, such as creativity, collaboration, planning and implementing tasks or projects, clarifying problems and proposing solutions and making decisions. Through Work Studies, students also acquire the personal qualities and attributes, such as adaptability, responsiveness and awareness of opportunity, needed to thrive in the 21st century work environment.  

Moneysmart for teachers and Tax, Super and You provide a number of interdisciplinary units and interactive activities that include aspects of the Work Studies curriculum. Access a list of relevant resources that link to the Australian Curriculum: Work Studies using the right-hand menu.


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