Consumer and financial literacy: The Arts

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The Arts

The Australian Curriculum: The Arts has not been included in this mapping. However, ample opportunities exist for educators to devise meaningfully relevant lessons that draw on consumer, economic and financial literacy in artistic contexts. For example, in The Arts, teachers could guide students to:

  • use arts knowledge and skills to represent, express and communicate ideas, imagination, observations and knowledge about financial and economic matters, issues and challenges
  • create enterprising projects founded on the Arts, using business practices and enterprising behaviours
  • view, experience and appreciate artistic performances and displays to explore human experience, issues, values and ethical dimensions, involving economic and financial concepts
  • study financial and economic aspects of creative industries and enterprising people and projects in the field
  • exploring the use of images used to persuade and influence, especially in advertising.

Moneysmart for teachers provides a video that shows how teachers have used the Arts as a focus for the teaching of consumer and financial literacy.This video can be accessed using the right-hand menu.