Consumer and financial literacy: 7-10 History

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7-10 History

The Australian Curriculum: History has not been included in this mapping. However, there are opportunities for educators to devise meaningful, relevant lessons that draw on consumer, economic and financial literacy in either historical or real-world contexts. For example, in History, teachers could guide students to:

  • study evidence to identify consequences of past economic decisions and to inform their own and others’ decisions, now and for the future
  • explore the concept of continuity and change by comparing a local business with one in the past
  • explore cause and effect by analysing the enterprising ways in which people have faced challenges in other times to service their needs and wants
  • empathise with workers and employers of the past, viewing issues from their perspectives, to understand the reasons why certain rights and responsibilities are enshrined in modern law
  • reflect on the significance of past economic phenomena, events or values, and their social, environmental and economic consequences
  • analyse the contestability of claims in past and present advertising, and reflect on the ethics of these claims at those times.

Tax, Super and You has modules and interactives that include aspects of the History curriculum. Access a list of relevant resources using the right-hand menu.