Consumer and financial literacy: Literacy

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The Literacy capability provides rich opportunities for students to develop consumer and financial literacy. This capability is fundamental to students’ ability to understand and analyse any financial texts. Literacy supports the development of the following dimensions of consumer and financial literacy.

Approximate proportion of the dimensions addressed by Literacy

Literacy enables students to interpret and use language forms, conventions and text structures in informative and persuasive texts. It incorporates the ability to read, view, listen to, speak, write and create texts for learning and communicating about consumerism and finance.

Through this capability, students develop the skills to be able to access, understand and evaluate information, make meaning, express thoughts and emotions, present ideas and opinions, interact with others and participate in activities at school and in their lives beyond school. These skills can be applied to consumer and financial contexts as students learn to navigate, read and view a range of consumer and financial texts, effectively interact in a range of consumer and financial contexts and create texts that are designed to inform or persuade. Students develop skills in identifying and analysing the ways in which they are influenced by the choices authors make in relation to text structures, images and language features thereby supporting them to be informed and confident consumers.

The sub-elements relating to text cohesion, sentence structures and knowledge of words and word groups have not been included in this mapping. However, there are opportunities to include these sub-elements in the teaching and learning of consumer and financial literacy. For example, when constructing consumer and financial texts, students might be expected to demonstrate control of sentence structures, select words to impact or influence the reader and spell accurately.

Moneysmart for teachers and Tax, Super and You provide a number of interdisciplinary units and interactive activities that include aspects of the Literacy capability.


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