Multimedia: Visual Arts

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Exploring ideas and improvising with ways to represent ideas

  • Experiment with visual arts conventions and techniques, including exploration of techniques used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, to represent a theme, concept or idea in their artwork (ACAVAM118)

Manipulating and applying the elements/concepts with intent

  • Develop ways to enhance their intentions as artists through exploration of how artists use materials, techniques, technologies and processes (ACAVAM119)

Developing and refining understanding of skills and techniques

  • Develop planning skills for art-making by exploring techniques and processes used by different artists (ACAVAM120)

Structuring and organising ideas into form

  • Practise techniques and processes to enhance representation of ideas in their art-making (ACAVAM121)

Sharing artworks through performance, presentation or display

  • Present artwork demonstrating consideration of how the artwork is displayed to enhance the artist’s intention to an audience (ACAVAM122)

Analysing and reflecting upon intentions

  • Analyse how artists use visual conventions in artworks (ACAVAM123)

Responding to and interpreting artworks

  • Identify and connect specific features and purposes of visual artworks from contemporary and past times to explore viewpoints and enrich their art-making, starting with Australian artworks including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ACAVAM124)

** In Visual Arts, students may use multimedia for making and responding to 4d (four-dimensional) artworks, that is artworks that have depth, height, width and added temporal and spatial dimensions. For example, artworks that incorporate time, such as time-based installations, or artworks that incorporate performance on a moving image.