Multimedia: Media Arts

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Media Arts

The Australian Curriculum: Media Arts involves using digital multimedia to create representations of the world and tell stories using formats such as television, film, video, newspapers, radio, games, and mobile media.

In Media Arts students study, design, create and distribute multimedia works. They learn to engage with communications technologies and cross-disciplinary art forms to design, produce, distribute and interact with a range of print, audio, screen-based or hybrid artworks and explore, view, analyse and participate in media culture from a range of viewpoints and contexts. They learn to be critically aware of ways that the media are culturally used and negotiated, and the factors which shape contemporary communication through media technologies and globally networked communications.

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Exploring ideas and improvising with ways to represent ideas

  • Explore ideas, characters and settings in the community through stories in images, sounds and text (ACAMAM054)

Developing understanding of practices

  • Use media technologies to capture and edit images, sounds and text for a purpose (ACAMAM055)

Sharing artworks through performance, presentation or display

  • Create and present media artworks that communicate ideas and stories to an audience (ACAMAM056)

Responding to and interpreting artworks

  • Respond to media artworks and consider where and why people make media artworks, starting with media from Australia including media artworks of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ACAMAM057)