Respect matters: 7-10 Geography

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In Geography, students learn about the diversity of the world’s places, people and cultures and come to appreciate how cultural identities, including their own, are shaped. Students learn how geographical knowledge informs their personal identity, sense of belonging and capacity to empathise with others. Students learn to challenge stereotypical representations and the marginalisation of social and cultural groups. They examine ethical questions about human rights, and group and personal responsibilities in terms of social advancement. Through working collaboratively in the classroom and in the field, students develop their interpersonal skills and learn to appreciate and respect the perspectives of others.

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The perceptions people have of place, and how these influence their connections to different places - ACHGK065

Reasons for, and consequences of, spatial variations in human wellbeing in Australia at the local scale - ACHGK080

The role of international and national government and non-government organisations' initiatives in improving human wellbeing in Australia and other countries - ACHGK081