Respect matters: Digitial Technologies

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Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies provides students with opportunities to create digital solutions which address the unique needs and contexts of communities. They develop critical thinking skills which are important in taking respectful action. Students work with others to create and organise ideas and information and share these with known people in safe online environments. They create and communicate ideas and information safely by applying agreed ethical and social protocols. They identify risks and consider social contexts and legal responsibilities when collaborating and communicating on line. Students use design thinking and respond to the designed world. Students authentically consult throughout the process to build empathy and ensure that digital solutions are appropriate and respectful. Technologies students typically work collaboratively in groups where they can develop respectful relationships and conflict management skills. The Digital Technologies curriculum is written to engage students from Foundation to Year 8. In Years 9 and 10 it is offered as an elective.

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Explore how people safely use common information systems to meet information, communication and recreation needs - ACTDIP005

Create and organise ideas and information using information systems independently and with others, and share these with known people in safe online environments - ACTDIP006